Flooring Natura Series

Natura Series Flooring

Beautify and simplify

The Natura Flooring Series is available in 18 different options, and has a deep wooden texture to deliver a luxurious and warm look that never fails to deliver. 

Natura Series Colours
PRK200 Shiraz Oak
PRK206 Silyon Oak
PRK003 Side Pine
PRK400 Samara
PRK005 Perge Pine
PRK004 Pacific Pine
PRK208 Olympus Oak
PRK401 Niksar Walnut
PRK204 Natura Oak
PRK006 Kemer Pine
PRK201 Canyon Oak
PRK203 Grey Oak
PRK202 White Oak
PRK202 Antalya Pine
PRK205 Alara Oak
PRK207 Akdeniz Oak
Available exclusively in New Zealand from Trends Kitchens