Decorative Panels Soft-touch Panel

Soft-touch Panel

Luxurious, velvet finish

Soft-touch panels have a contemporary, matt finish that will add warmth to your home.

The tough surface resists water, scratches, impact and light fading. And because the surface doesn’t reflect light, fingerprints and marks are barely noticeable.


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Soft Touch Colours
723 Soft Touch Black*
734 Soft Touch White*
737 Soft Touch Siena Wood*
729 New Grey*
728 Stone Grey*
726 Storm Grey*
381 Soft Touch Cream **
727 Soft Touch Kum Beji **
732 Soft Touch Vizon **
733 Soft Touch Mocca **
735 Soft Touch Relax Green **
736 Soft Touch Ocean Blue **
Soft Touch Clay **
Available exclusively in New Zealand from Trends Kitchens